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Pizza Sauce

This pizza sauce recipe came from playing around with several versions of New York sauce recipes we discovered. After a while we found this one seemed to mimic the best we have had once we added the right amount of fennel seed. If you make our dough and cover it […]

Pizza Dough

Granddaughter Josie just asked me for this recipe, and I realized it wasn’t yet on our food blog, so here it is. We always wondered why so many people miss the opportunity to infuse flavor into pizza dough. They often simply taste like simple crunchy white bread, while the really […]

Sweet Italian Sausage

After publishing our Ziti and Lasagna recipes recently a few questions came in related to the Sweet Italian Sausage the recipes call for. Though you can often simply purchase good sweet italian sausage, some markets simply do not have a great blend. As a result, we developed our own blend […]

White Sauce Ziti

We often want a white sauce option when we have Italian dinners. This desire eventually forced us to put together a recipe that compliments our traditional lasagna or spaghetti recipes.

Special 5 Cheese Lasagna, or is it Basagna?

This is the best lasagna recipe I was able to secure over the years, and it reminds me of a story. When our kids and grandkids were younger we often took the whole family to Orlando. One year we stayed at The Portifino. After a long day at Universal, we […]

Caesar Salad Dressing

This Caesar Salad recipe spoiled our family forever because we have never found a better one anywhere. When we do happen to order a Caesar Salad at a restaurant, all we do is compare it to this at home version, and our version always wins. The secret to this family […]

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce

I think we experimented more with this recipe than any other, over the last 40 years. The trick was to get the sauce to a point where the sweet and spicy blend came through, with lower acid tomatoes. We make large portions and freeze the sauce for future use. In […]

Italian Meatballs

We made these meatballs for the famous Rizzardi Italian family, and they loved them. How could we not include them as one of the best recipes on this blog? Since then we improved our recipe by using pancetta, grating our onion, fresh grating our parmesan cheese and always poaching them […]

“Best Italian Dining” Volare (Louisville)

This is one of the Best Italian Restaurants in Kentucky. It features “Chopped” winner Chef Josh Moore, who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. We have had just about everything on the menu, and I say this all the time but, “I have never had anything […]