Maker’s Mark Distillery

People often ask where to visit while in Kentucky. They also mention the plethora of distillery tours available. Well, one of our favorites is The Maker’s Mark tour, South of Louisville in Loretto Kentucky. Not only is Maker’s Mark one of the oldest and well known distilleries in the world, […]

Smoking Advice

Few things are more enjoyable than taking a weekend day and enjoying a good beer or two while smoking meat, and watching our horses graze on the Kentucky bluegrass. That’s why you’ll find several smoking recipes on this blog.Over the years we’ve discovered a few secrets and flaws related to […]

Mayonnaise Advice

Much like our recipes always call for good bourbon, they also call for good mayonnaise, and one blog reader suggested we explain what that means. First, we have made homemade mayonnaise and while good, it isn’t worth the trouble. We also found that some mayonnaise just isn’t good in our […]

Spice and Herb Advice

Always use fresh if you can. Nothing beats the taste impact of fresh herbs and spices. If you do not have fresh, you can use dried however, you must divide by 3. The recipes contained on this site always assume fresh. If the recipe calls for a tablespoon of fresh […]