Why This Blog Exists

We wanted to be able to easily share some of our family recipes with others. These recipes are simple, generally easy to follow, and pure comfort food delights. Rather than digging through old cookbooks and notes every time someone wanted to use or share these recipes, this blog seemed so much easier. We even designed a way to look up certain categories of food, and search for recipes. (See the Recipe Index) Now anyone can have access as we can continue to experiment, improve and discover.

We also found that folks we knew were traveling through Kentucky frequently. They were always asking about where to stop for a good meal, attraction or experience. Many people are sick and tired of generic travel advice or “rating” systems which make every restaurant or attraction sound like a great option. This Tasted and Tested blog focuses on the best elements of Kentucky. It is called Kentucky Taste Today because taste is ever changing as new and improved dining experiences, recipes, attractions and experiences change over time.

We focus on the best or most positive items. You will not find a bad review or recipe on this blog site. We see no reason to hurt those who attempt to deliver a product to consumers. Sure, we have had poor and mediocre experiences, but Kentucky has some of the best tastes in the world.

Our recipes have been discovered, offered to us over time and we have been students of food, taste, and even Bourbon, for many years. We have two certified Bourbon stewards in the family, and one Executive steward who is certified to teach. Several of us have worked with food, in restaurants, and other culinary institutions.

Some recipes were originally gathered from chefs, and they are likely older than many young people reading this right now! Some say we have forgotten more than other people will ever know but with years of experience comes something those of us who understand variation call comparative context. You see, it is not enough to taste a hamburger once 10 years ago and declare it the best, take someone’s word that a recipe is great or go to a 4 or 5 star restaurant and assume you will have a great meal. You have to taste and test many examples over time to have comparative context, and really understand what greatness is!

In our life we have lived all over the country and owned 15 homes from coast to coast. Comparative context tells us that Kentucky is a special place and we hope all family, friends, readers, cooks, Kentucky visitors and residents find our suggestions helpful and guide them to the best Kentucky has to offer.

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