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Mussels in White Wine Broth

Mussels are a favorite but not often freshly available in our region. When they are, we use an old recipe learned from our time living on the East Coast.¬† 1 Cup Dry White Wine 1/8 Cup Lemon Juice 1/8 Cup White Wine Vinegar 2 Tablespoons Chopped Shallots¬† 1 Teaspoon Cracked […]


Kentucky Pot Roast

People often ask how to make an easy but very flavorful pot roast. After evaluating everything from the many Mississippi pot roast recipes and experimenting over the years with old time pot roast recipes found in local cookbooks, we came up with one that is pretty darn hard to beat. […]


Derby Eggs

The picture is not correct for this recipe but I enjoy researching great old menus, recipes and cookbooks. This is an example of a classic old menu at the Brown Derby. (Yep, fresh lobster for $2.25, plus fried potatoes.) Years ago, I came across some old Kentucky cookbooks. Some had […]


Shrimp Dip

Over the years we have been asked for many recipes. This shrimp dip recipe is likely the most often requested and we were surprised that we hadn’t yet posted it on our blog. After experimenting over the years, we came up with a blend that is shrimp forward, yet has […]


Delicious Dipping Sauce

Every so often we just want to have an easy snack night. We might make a few of own snacks from scratch but when we are really lazy we’ll just grab some veggies or frozen chicken nuggets, fries, egg rolls, you name it. We always have to have a great […]


Grampa’s Best Fluffy Pancakes

Everybody love’s fluffy pancakes that also have a golden brown outside, with just a little crunch. After experimenting, we came up with the perfect blend of ingredients that both kids and adults like. Plus, all these ingredients should always be in any normal cook’s pantry and refrigerator, so there’s no […]

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Smoked Salmon

I’ll never forget when I discovered the beauty of a smoker, and all the things I could learn to smoke, like salmon. This recipe became a favorite of granddaughter Arianna after she visited us in Kentucky.  Over the years we tried many methods to produce smoked salmon but we found […]

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Smoking Advice

Few things are more enjoyable than taking a weekend day and enjoying a good beer or two while smoking meat, and watching our horses graze on the Kentucky bluegrass. That’s why you’ll find several smoking recipes on this blog.Over the years we’ve discovered a few secrets and flaws related to […]


Pizza Sauce

This pizza sauce recipe came from playing around with several versions of New York sauce recipes we discovered. After a while we found this one seemed to mimic the best we have had once we added the right amount of fennel seed. If you make our dough and cover it […]


Pizza Dough

Granddaughter Josie just asked me for this recipe, and I realized it wasn’t yet on our food blog, so here it is. We always wondered why so many people miss the opportunity to infuse flavor into pizza dough. They often simply taste like simple crunchy white bread, while the really […]