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Mongolian Beef

So what is a recipe about Mongolian Beef doing on a Kentucky Taste Today food blog? Well it’s simple. We love Asian food and guess what? The folks in Kentucky do also. After ordering some recent takeout I dug up an old recipe I secured when eating in New York […]

Moist and Delicious Grilled Pork Chops

Every so often we realize that one of our best recipes sits in an old cookbook we made years ago, and not on our food blog website. We made this blog primarily for for us to reference on our phones in the grocery stores when shopping, and in the kitchens […]

Simple Burger Seasoning

We have used this burger seasoning recipe for years but always thought it was pretty common, until friends recently commented out loud about how good our simple grilled burgers were, and they asked what we seasoned them with. Since it is summer, with the 4th coming up soon, we thought […]

Simple Easy and Perfect Prime Rib

We always found it funny how many folks say they love prime rib, but never seem to make it at home. Young or old, they just don’t do it. Sometimes they think it is complicated. Others think that the meat is so expensive that they just don’t want to screw […]

Swedish Meatballs

When we lived in Minnesota, there were two places that offered some of the best Swedish meatballs ever. Sadly, both Aquavit and the Grill Room at Macy’s have been long closed but I was able to secure elements of those recipes before they disappeared.  I took those elements, experimented a […]

Restaurant Quality Steak Seasoning and Technique

Steak at home is always a trick. Of course, there is no replacement for great meat but, few folks can always afford “real” prime steaks, order Allen Brothers online, or pick up the occasional Wagyu beef at their grocery store or butcher shop. Many people believe all you need for […]

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Pork Chops for Grilling

A while back we visited Wisconsin and son-in-law Mark grilled us some bacon wrapped stuffed pork chops for dinner. They were great and I left wanting to not just replicate the butcher’s recipe, but add some tricks I learned over the years related to the chops and vegetables that were […]

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Well it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day so we were asked if we have a favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe. We do but in truth, almost all such recipes are similar and contain the same ingredients. Search the internet for the best recipes and you’ll see that’s true. Ours is […]

Kentucky Pot Roast

People often ask how to make an easy but very flavorful pot roast. After evaluating everything from the many Mississippi pot roast recipes and experimenting over the years with old time pot roast recipes found in local cookbooks, we came up with one that is pretty darn hard to beat. […]

Short Ribs

I always found it funny how often people seemed to order short ribs when dining out because they are so easy to make inexpensively delicious at home. We developed a great short rib recipe, which college student nephew Mateaus loved so much after visiting he had to learn the recipe […]