Month: June 2021

Touchdown Chili

This recipe is the result of living in 14 different houses from coast to coast. We were exposed to 5 different professional football, and 8 different NCAA Division One, types of tailgates in our lives. It seemed every city, and even certain team fans, had a different spin on their […]

“Best Italian Dining” Volare (Louisville)

This is one of the Best Italian Restaurants in Kentucky. It features “Chopped” winner Chef Josh Moore, who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. We have had just about everything on the menu, and I say this all the time but, “I have never had anything […]


There is nothing more classic than Kentucky cornbread. This simple and delicious recipe took some experimentation (We made so many mistakes) to get the perfect mix of sugar, maple syrup, bourbon and cornmeal. We must have finally got it right since our son-in-law, a lifetime Kentuckian, said he liked it […]

Why This Blog Exists

We wanted to be able to easily share some of our family recipes with others. These recipes are simple, generally easy to follow, and pure comfort food delights. Rather than digging through old cookbooks and notes every time someone wanted to use or share these recipes, this blog seemed so […]